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Wednesday, April 13, 2022



I sincerely hope that bastard Putin's army are all so incompetent!

I also submit an idea for local councils to change the front of their dog waste bins.


Tom Stephenson said...

I hope so too, be he does have a lot of them.

Dave said...

What a great idea Avus. Pleased to hear that you and Pips are getting out and about. All the best.

Tom said...

I loved the Russian tank clip. All the best to you and Pips.

Roderick Robinson said...

You'd've have thought they might have learned something from the first abortive attempt. The front end of the tank's track (The nearside, assuming they follow Continental practice)? was already overhanging the outer edge of the low-loader when valour gave away to discretion. The second attempt told me something I didn't know about steering a tank. I knew that direction-changing is effected by varying the speeds of the two tracks; what I hadn't realised was that such variations are far from precise. But then that's the way it is with tanks. When a tank gets too close to scenery it's the scenery that shifts longitudinally not the vehicle.

Another revelation. I thought the Russians were supposed to be good with tanks given what I know about the German invasion of the USSR in WW2. This debacle seems to suggest otherwise. As does that regularly shown video clip in Ukraine where a baker's dozen of Russian tanks enter a narrow street, get stuck, and it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Roderick Robinson said...

I've tried my best in Tone Deaf to respond to your recent news.

Lucy said...

Mike, I just saw your comment at Tone Deaf, I thought I had an email address for you but can't find it. I'm so very sorry for your loss; I know you are essentially a private person in such areas, and that we have not had much contact for a while, but please know you are in our thoughts. Wishing you strength and courage.

(my email is lucy-dot-kempton-at-gmail-dot-com)