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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I think that this needs sharing with you all - quite wonderful. The childrens' reactions  are an affirmation of the effect of good music.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


A while since I wrote anything here. R.R. at Tone Deaf was kind enough to enquire if my silence spelt "bad news" and I was happy to re-assure him that all is well with me.
In fact life has been pleasant. Our daughter and husband have been over for 6 weeks from Australia. I am still riding bicycles and motorcycles.
My last post mentioned using £1600 proceeds from the sale of my BMW motorcycle to buy hearing aids. Fortunately these were on a "try or return" basis. I tried, considered I can easily do without them, and returned them for a full refund.
Then, whilst browsing eBay, I saw this:
Readers of earlier posts may remember my extolling the delights of a blue one of similar make. However, this is the latest model. European emission laws mean it comes with a completely new fuel injection engine (hydraulic tappets and self adjusting primary chain). Although a 2009 model it had only managed 500 miles before the purchaser took ill and laid it up. He eventually died and it was being sold by his executor. Too good to miss, I raided the piggy bank, hired a bike trailer and took off for Leicester to buy it.
This meant that I now had two Enfields, so the blue one went on eBay and was bought by a man from Belgium who came over for the day to buy it (he was going to buy one in Germany, but Kent, UK, via the Channel Tunnel, was closer and quicker).
The sale of that, plus the proceeds from the BMW sale covered the cost of the black beauty. ("Traditional" motorcycles always look better in black/gold, I feel)
A satisfactory result all round.