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Monday, January 03, 2011


Late December snows have looked very pretty and seasonal (viewed from a warm room, glass in hand). However it has meant that venturing abroad on two wheels was very inadvisable. But a day came when the roads were at last clear and ice free. Even the sun shone in a cloudless blue sky. Having become slightly "stir-crazy" I jumped at the chance to release the Dawes bicycle from its stable and toddled off for a morning's run over Romney Marsh and to get a sight of the sea. Within two miles a heavy fog rolled in with visibility down to about 50 metres!

Having started I intended to finish, so continued on to my destination, via a couple of miles along the sea wall, to the little town of Dymchurch where I knew a cafe would be open. Some chance of a sea view - the tide was well out over the sand flats and was lost in the fog.

However the cafe was warm and welcoming. There followed a large cup of tea and two slices of toast upon which rested two fried eggs. The "engine" thus refuelled for the return 12 miles, I pushed for home.

The Marsh has its own particular beauty under clear skies

But even I could not describe it as other than austere in the fog.

The damp clung to me and necessitated periodic stops to wipe my specs to enhance the available visibilty. A very misty and moist morning but, disappointingly, no sign of "an old man clothed all in leather"