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Monday, January 03, 2011


Late December snows have looked very pretty and seasonal (viewed from a warm room, glass in hand). However it has meant that venturing abroad on two wheels was very inadvisable. But a day came when the roads were at last clear and ice free. Even the sun shone in a cloudless blue sky. Having become slightly "stir-crazy" I jumped at the chance to release the Dawes bicycle from its stable and toddled off for a morning's run over Romney Marsh and to get a sight of the sea. Within two miles a heavy fog rolled in with visibility down to about 50 metres!

Having started I intended to finish, so continued on to my destination, via a couple of miles along the sea wall, to the little town of Dymchurch where I knew a cafe would be open. Some chance of a sea view - the tide was well out over the sand flats and was lost in the fog.

However the cafe was warm and welcoming. There followed a large cup of tea and two slices of toast upon which rested two fried eggs. The "engine" thus refuelled for the return 12 miles, I pushed for home.

The Marsh has its own particular beauty under clear skies

But even I could not describe it as other than austere in the fog.

The damp clung to me and necessitated periodic stops to wipe my specs to enhance the available visibilty. A very misty and moist morning but, disappointingly, no sign of "an old man clothed all in leather"


Kate said...

Loved this. Now I wouldn't have wanted to be out peddling in that damp but the photo is really terrific. Sometimes I find that a distinguishing aspect of true adventure is that it's not any fun while it's actually happening. :)

herhimnbryn said...

I suspect you didn't see 'The Scarcrow' and his band of smugglers either? ;)

Avus said...

Thanks for visiting and the incisive comment. Looking back, I enjoyed the run. But I do have specs of a rosey tint!

Oddly enough I passed a field with an (inaminate)scarecrow in it and thought about Dr.Syn. It looked very ghostly through the mist.

Barrett Bonden said...

You should have taken the tandem with a Japanese artist as stoker. Marvellous what they can do with gradations of mist; despite your deprivations the second photo is the better of the two.

I think we've discussed this before but I've forgotten your expert answer. With two-wheelers (and especially the motorised sort) my fingers were always thermally vulnerable. What's your latest prescription re. gloves? Immediately I'd typed that I seem to remember you use electrical heating when there's power below. But not I assume when you're pedalling.

Avus said...

Like you I suffer from poor circulation in my hands.
I only have electrically heated grips on the Honda Scooter (that's the only powered two wheeler I ride during the winter).
Riding bicycles I have found ski mitts excellent for depth of winter. They are clumsier than gloves, but much warmer. Once it becomes a little more clement I revert to a pair of cheap(£4.50) "Thinsulate" gloves from my local Tesco.

DuchessOmnium said...

Oh, you are much braver than I! I have two bikes -- a commuting, folding bike and a lovely light weight touring one. The commuting bike has had an outing in the last month -- to ride a couple of miles into town and back to my parked car -- but the touring one has had an unrepaired flat tyre for months. I fear I am a fair weather cyclist!

20th Century Woman said...

As one gets older it seems important to prove that one can still have adventures, large or small. Just having done that must have brought a good deal of satisfaction. And the eggs on toast were a fine reward to give yourself for your bravery.

Nora said...

I just happened on your blog, and really enjoy it... looking forward to reading more... :)

Isabelle said...

At least it wasn't snowing. I feel I've done snow now. No more please.

Avus said...

You are most welcome - glad you called by and hope to see you again.

Vita said...

I have stolen enough time from today just to check up on you--I see this post was done in January and it's March now, so I hope you'll escape again soon. I've been thinking about posts. Maybe tonight. Himself is also urging me on. My word verification is "geserfi". It makes me laugh.

Oh, everything I thought to say was said by Kate and Barrett (austere photo best) and 20th Century. I am picturing that scarecrow in my head.

Avus said...

A belated welcome back. Glad to have you around again.