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Thursday, September 07, 2006


My daughter took us to see this film when visiting her in W. Australia. I did not quite know what to make of it then, but it stayed with me. I recently bought the DVD and have viewed it twice since. It is a film that needed quiet reflection from me. It is now one of my favourites. Totally life affirming.


herhimnbryn said...

Totally. I agree.
A perfect Australian made film.
Like you I have watched it again...I always 'see' more each time.

herhimnbryn said...

ps Like the quote in your banner!

Nea said...

I have not heard of it, but I would like to see it also. I suppose here it would be considered a foreign film and hard to find.

Avus said...

Nea - it is out on DVD. I got my copy from Amazon.

pohanginapete said...

Right, I'll be adding this to the list to watch.

Those are lovely photos of Hadrian's wall. They convey a great sense of space, openness, and tranquility, as well as that peculiar sense of time passing yet standing still. I can almost hear the skylarks.

Thanks for the link, Avus.

Nea said...

I will check it out, I also belong to Amazon buying.

Vita said...

Hi, Avis. Back to the care centers; it is done in Oregon, too. My MIL was in one for a bit, and they had Visiting Dogs. So did the hospital in Bend. I'll bet your German Shepherd was extremely popular, as they're so hugely huggable. Haven't heard of this film, but will keep a look out for it. Ha ha. Shark and train.

valonia said...

Is it about sharks and trains!??

Avus said...

Vita and Valonia
The Look Both Ways logo is a play on the Australian train crossing sign. What it is getting at is that life and its set backs can be looked at both ways and good can result from a perceived evil.

A train does come into it - sharks are "in the mind" i.e. paranoia. On one level this is a film about a few individuals over a hum-drum Australian weekend. But you can dig deeper into that level and make cross-links.

You really have to see it and then probably watch it again later to "get the point"

Avus said...

More on "Look Both Ways" - taken from "Cinemal" site (connect via Secret Hill)

Look Both Ways

Meryl imagines disaster coming from every direction—train crashes, man-eating sharks, baby-eating killer whales...and then there's Nick.

An innovative mix of animation and live action, set over a scorchingly hot weekend, when people dealing with unexpected events find their lives intersecting. Nick (William McInnes) visits a doctor for a routine medical and is given a devastating diagnosis but has to wait until Monday for specialist advice. Meryl (Justine Clarke), returning from a funeral, has until Monday to finish her project or lose her job. Andy (Anthony Hayes) is thrown by his girlfriend's ultimatum and has to consider the news of her unplanned pregnancy. The convergence of their paths creates an intriguing picture, intimate, universal and uplifting.