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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


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Well, I am (very) pleased to find that the medication works and I am feeling myself again (as they say - apparently it is quite legal as long as you don't frighten the horses). Sunday morning's weather was delightful and a gentle 12 mile cycle ride around the locality beckoned.

The Raleigh Record Ace is still undergoing restoration, but is coming along nicely, thank you. So it was the modern Dawes Horizon that was led from the stables. Rather in the mode of a Japanese car, this is efficient, easy to ride, well equipped and.... completely characterless! I bought it on early retirement and it is the first complete new bike I have ever had, previously buying a frame of choice and kitting it out to preference. (You will note the convenient holder for the coffee flask - an essential addition) .
So it was off down the path leading from the estate, at present framed by clouds of blackberry blossom and English wild roses

It is a pleasant start to a ride, going across the fields with views to the local church

Then off through the lanes until we reached the escarpment above Romney Marsh, which laybeneath me, blue and inviting in the sunshine

Through the little village of Bilsington, known for its obelisk, dedicated to a local 18th century landowner who died in a coaching accident

Then a glorious swoop down the hill leading to the levels of The Marsh
However "et in Arcadia ego" Badgers hit by cars seemingly increase. They are surprisingly big animals (larger than a fox) and can grow to a metre in length.

Although tempted, I did not want to overdo things just yet. So a gentle ride through the lanes brought me towards the little Marsh church of St. Rumwold - who must be one of the strangest and unbelievable saints in that pantheon of odd characters (see link).

It is a very pleasant spot for a coffee break, with a memorial seat set against its south facing wall. One can relax in the sun, overlooking the Marsh and the Royal Military Canal (the history of which is interesting reading on the link)

And so home up the escarpment, (no, I did not get off and walk!) resisting the temptations on the notice board outside "The Good Intent" on the way!.


Vita said...

I was wondering about your "we". Was that you, your complete Japanese bicycle, and your camera, or was it you and another human, whose bicycle didn't make it into the photos?

Very nice ride you took us on. Glad you're all yourself again, and don't want to know just what you meant about that in case it would make me blush.

Avus said...

V: "We" - I always include my companion on a ride, whether it be motorcycle or cycle. I could not do it without them!
As to "feeling myself" - what else could it mean other than that i am getting better in health?

Granny J said...

Glad to hear you are yourself again. I would have to return 20 or more years to a self that could propel such a long bicycle ride! I am looking forward to many more glimpses into your little corner of the world.

herhimnbryn said...

Sigh. What a great post A. I was there 'swooping' down the hill, taking a moment to repect the poor badger and sitting against the warm church wall. The Good Intent looked good!
Thanks for the links and St Rumwold was obviously a child prodigy!

chiefbiscuit said...

What a great job on the Raleigh. I am impressed by the coffee holder. I love the photos of England - so English! (Funny that!) Beautiful lanes and flowers and historical points of interest etc. Thanks for the description of a very pretty and restful summer's day excursion.

Avus said...

They reckon that, if you keep it up, you can cycle for longer than you can walk. I used to be a steward for my club's "Veteran's Ride". One old boy (he was in his 80,s)asked me to hold on to his bike whilst he got off - he said riding it was no problem, walking with it was fine because it gave him something to hold onto, but the bit in between was a problem!

Thought you would like the lanes!

Glad you liked the "English" photos. Your NZ ones do the same for me!

Lucy said...

Lovely to have you out and about again!
St Rumwold makes Solomon Grundy look like an old timer!

Avus said...

Thank you. These saints - where do they get them from?

Granny J said...

Are you still out and about? Or perhaps just hunkered down at the Good Intent.

I have an ulterior motive for asking: you're It. I was tagged, I did my social duty & now I'm passing the torch on to you, you lucky fellow. Do see tonight's post for particulars.

Nea said...

From as far back as I can remember I have had a passionite love of the English countryside and loved pictures just as those you have posted. It makes me yearn to live where I could go on a bike ride on paths and roads such as I see here. I can well understand how you could easily overdo.....I would hate to come in from all that beauty also. There aren't too many places that I feel the need to go and visit, but someday, I have got to see all of this for myself.....sigh.

Avus said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Nea.