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Monday, July 30, 2007


With second son and family away in Oz with his sister we are left holding one of the babies. These photos are of Toby, the Bassett Hound who has come to live with us for the duration. He seems completely unconcerned about his change of abode, (sorry, folks - he just ain't missing you one bit) jumping on my German Shepherd, Sabre in play (and being rebuffed when "top dog" has had enough). I have never seen a dog get down a plate of food so fast! He has already decided which chair is "his" (and we have covered it with a blanket - looking at his dew-laps you can see why!)


Lee said...

Looks a real toughie!

Lucy said...

Basset's are so cool!
When Mol rolls over on her back like that she calls and we have to cry 'Oh she's all abandoned!'.

Vita said...

My friend boggywoggy posts photos of her basset hound. I shall try to direct her here so she can admire Knowleypowley's. Sure looks like a happy hound.

BoggyWoggy said...

Ouyr Bassets should meet sometime!

Avus said...

Nice thought,but difficult as this Basset is in Kent, England and yours in Oregon, USA! (Do they do exchange visits for Bassets, I wonder?)