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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yes, folks - it's that time of the year again. Cold, wet and miserable. Dark in the morning until about 8.00 am and then an overcast flat grey sky all day, with lights on again from about 3.30pm.

Don't want to get up in the morning, don't want to start any projects. Drink and eat too much sweet stuff (cakes, sweets and biscuits), sit around reading (Larkin's "Aubade" suits the mood!) and putting on weight.

A few crisp, sunny, frosty days would be nice - but warm Spring mornings, birds singing and primroses in bloom would be better!

They dress it up and call it SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). But I think we still have the primeval instinct to curl up, warm and comfortable and sleep it out!

So, maybe a short rest from blogging whilst I hibernate - although when I wake up now and again I shall creep out of the cave and feed on your blogs (especially those from the warmer areas of the Earth!)

'Night, 'night.


herhimnbryn said...

Sending you armfuls of sun and warmth.
Hadn't read that Larkin poem before. I don't like the sound of 'crouching telephones'!
Have a restful break from blogging.
Love from Australia.

Lee said...

I'll leave a saucer of milk and a few biscuits by the door.

Tell the weather to get its act together, I'll be there in May/June and I want non of this cold, dark stuff!

pohanginapete said...

I've just realised what a wonderful thought that is — that when you visit and feed on our blogs, you're not consuming, you're actually adding to them. Most encouraging; the more we provide, the more you're likely to add.

I must finish another post... got two on the go; neither near ready.

Enjoy your primeval instincts, Avus ;^P

Avus said...

Thank you for the sunshine (I guess you have more than plenty of that at present) and the warmth of your love.
Your first sentence made me grin - always a good sign! Thanks.
Your first sentence is a profound thought (and an uplifting one).
Thank you all - love, humour and uplift (and all without putting on weight!)

Avus said...

PS I have always found that image of "telephones crouching, ready to ring" unsettling and very graphic. You only have to substitute "spring" for "ring".....

chiefbiscuit said...

My heart goes out to you - even tho it's not ever a great summery summer in Dunedin - at least it's better than winter. (Inevitably, the earth will turn ...)

Nea said...

Ah yes, I know of this "disorder", several of my friends have it, and all just want to sleep it out till spring. haha If we only could.....I know that on those wet, cold, foggy monrings, I love to just burrow down into the covers, turn up the electric heater blanket and listen to the rain. It isn't that I mind rain, but I like to be in where it is nice and warm and dry. Spring is just around the corner for us. When it gets here I will send you some bottled sunshine, if I can just figure out how to keep it in the can. haha

Night nite and you have a nice hibernation. See you in warmer weather.

Lucy said...

Feeling very much the same, it all seems an effort and I feel very neglectful of things and people.
This too shall pass!

Avus said...

Nea and Lucy:
Seems to prove my point about our primeval instinct being to sleep out the winter! At least I know I am not alone.

Clare said...

I've always felt very hard done by that my sensible natural desire to not do things when the weather was horrid has been termed a disorder that ought to be treated, or wrestled with.

riseoutofme said...

Zzzzzz .....

I'll come back later when you're awake.

Avus said...

Quite right - someone after my own heart!
Thanks for calling by - wonder how you found me (but I see you like cycling AND Leonard Cohen and there cannot be many like us in the world!) Sorry I was "asleep" when you called - when the sun starts to shine into my cave I shall be out and about again.

Nea said...

We got some snow, it didn't last long, but Nick and his Dad went out and tossed snowballs around till their hands were freezing. Today the sky is bright blue, but it is cold out there. I need to plant some bulbs, they should have been planted in Oct. and still I procrastinate. I too hate to get out of bed in the mornings on cold days. But at least we have some sun today. Not warm enough to dig in the ground though. Well I just stopped by to let you know I am thinking of you.....

Avus said...

Thanks for calling by and your message about blue sky and sun. I love cold, bright weather - it's the dull, grey, overcast "nothingness" that gets me down.