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Monday, February 18, 2008

SECRET HILL (HerhimnBryn)

Yes - I know she says she has stopped blogging, but she has put another (I will not say "last") entry on her site to show us the completed studio. "Just perfick" as Pop Larkin would have said!


Nea said...

Hi Avus, I am so glad you let me know, I took the link down (after some time and no new posts.) I always think eventually people will change their minds. The trick with blogging is to not let it become an obligation. The people out there who understand true friendship realize you do not need to see or hear from someone daily to still feel closeness. But I guess that is a special kind of person, and one that you have a kinship with. As long as she doesn't take her blog down, there will still always be a connection. So I am hoping she always keeps it up, just in case. :):)

Pop Larkin.....brings back some good memories. In fact, I just discovered the Darling Buds of May at the LIbrary and I am going to run myself off a copy to keep. They are still on VHS not disc. I watched that show back when I was living in Los Angeles, and I loved every minute of it....it was Jus perfick...

Avus said...

"Darling Buds..." perfick, I agree. It was all filmed about 5 miles from here and I often cycle by the Larkins' "farmyard".

Lucy said...

Well done, Avus. Though I've kept her on the blogroll, I've stopped by less and less. I hope she'll sometimes put something up, it's always lovely to hear.
Nea's right about the obligation thing, of course, but unfortunately if regular visiting dwindles, it's easy to let people slip. She's good about stopping by mine from time to time, though.

Granny J said...

Until my bro restarts his blog, that's my only connection with that end of the world -- I'm glad to see that she's posted again!

Vita said...

Thanks for the tip about her. She can say a lot in a few words, which impresses me no end.

chiefbiscuit said...

I love the new studio! Thanks for the tip to go on over and check it out.

Lucy said...

Avus, I've tagged you. It's a simple one in essence, though you can vary it. Have a look over at mine, but the basics are:
1. Pick up the book you are reading, or else the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences

I'm sure you'll have something interesting to hand!