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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Introducing Benjy

There was an unusual guest on the recent Veteran-Cycle Club run (a gentle day cruising the lanes of Romney Marsh, with lunch in the ancient town of Rye - 25 leisurely miles, riding the recently acquired Rudge.)

His name is Benjy and apparently he rides everywhere with his mistress. Needless to say he was a very popular addition to the group (about 25). He was quite happy on the back and settled down for a snooze whilst we all had lunch.
And John Head's beloved old Rudge ? - it cruised as serenely and majestically as a bishop walking up the aisle of a cathedral.


herhimnbryn said...

Sigh. Sounds very good. I am missing Rye and the Marsh now:)

Lucy said...

How lovely!

Isabelle said...

That looks like a comfy dog.

Kay said...

Beautiful! What a cute dog. Must've been a great day and I am glad that the bike performed. it's a wonderful story of that old bike. Somehow it is a story of hope ... of the treasure we have in the past and how we must hold on to the best.

Avus said...

You sum up my view perfectly. We throw away so much that is still useful and elegant and are the poorer because of it.
I tried to pass on my old scanner and PC (see previous post) - but no one, even charities, wanted it. It seemed terrible to take it all to the dump and throw it into the crusher.
Many of the bicycles recovered, restored and maintained by the Veteran-Cycle Club have been rescued from rubbish skips. I know one guy who waits at the local rubbish tip and accosts anyone arriving with an old bike, to take it off them before it is dumped!

Robyn said...

Lucky Benjy getting to cruise around the countryside snuggled in a blanket! The ancient town of Rye....what a blissful thought.