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Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Our National Time of Remembrance comes round again. Poppy wreaths will be placed against memorials and bugles will sound the "Last Post" (or "Taps" in the USA)

Acting Sgt Michael Lockett, who was killed in Helmand on Monday 21st September 2009, was the first holder of the Military Cross to die in battle since the Second World War. In remembering him I remember all those who are fighting and dying now in Afghanistan and all those who have gone before. He exemplifies all that is best in a soldier and can stand for all of them.

Can I ask you to go to this article. It is quite a long one, but please do "Locky" the honour of reading it all. It made me feel proud, humble and not a little angry at the politicians who send these fine young men to die in often senseless wars.


Barrett Bonden said...

The Guardian had an unbearable piece yesterday. A good-looking (sexy, said Mrs BB sadly) soldier squatting at rest in the desert and looking confidently at the camera. Up til then he'd defused 64 booby-trap bombs; the 65th went off and killed him. It shouldn't have mattered that he was a handsome chap but, inevitably, it added poignancy. Coffins delivered to the UK help diminish the sting of death for viewers but every now and then we need to be jolted. This jolted me.

herhimnbryn said...

Rest in peace.

ArtPropelled said...

So sad. Go well, Locky.

I've just read the article and must say my heart went down to my boots when I read about the missing South African. My nephew is over there now and the family is feeling rather unerved as you can imagine.

mansuetude said...

Peace and rest to the living and the warriors!

We have family over there and then back; men with stories that make me wonder why why why

such a complicated tangle.
So much heroism, trying...

Doohickie said...

Godspeed Locky.