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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Transport through the Ages (3)

HHnB, in her blog has mentioned that she rode pillion on a motorcycle since the age of 8. Reference to image files proves that this is so. Above you see her in 1967 alongside my ex-police LE Velocette.
These side valve 200cc bikes were so feeble that one was overtaken on hills by Japanese Honda 50cc scooterettes. Top speed, without a headwind, was about 50 m.p.h.on the flat. However they have a charm about them. Being water-cooled they are almost silent (great for country policemen to creep up on poachers!) and still have an enthusiastic following in spite of being discontinued in 1970. (I had three at various times but grew out of them).
My present Honda SH300 scooter is what they should have been and I look upon it as a latter day, improved version.


ArtPropelled said...

How wonderful to see a photo of HHnB waaaaay back in "the olden days".

herhimnbryn said...


Barrett Bonden said...

A side-valve engine! That takes us back a bit. As far as I can recall it had only one advantage: it was easier to decoke than an ohv head. It seems your bike-owning career was backwards way round. The LE was an old man's bike and the photo of HHB suggests you were quite young. Your Bimmer, on the other hand, is a rather more exhilarating machine.

Lucy said...

Oh I had a little quilty anorak and leggings just like that!

Avus said...

All motorcycles, of all sizes and shapes, are of interest to me. (I restored quite a few pre-war types when younger). The LE Velocette was an innovative, interesting design and a brave effort by a small company. I found it a charming little thing for pottering and for an erstwhile interest in tracing lost Roman roads.
Some of my most memorable and enjoyable motorcycle rides have been made on small bikes because one has time to look around and the incentive to stop and examine.
I recall with joy the 350 mile days on a Honda 125cc trail bike taking in 50 miles that glorious Berkshire/Wiltshire green road, the Ridgeway - lost amongst the downs and the sky, skylarks singing.
Large bikes are more exhilarating, yes. But riding them is more involving and one wants to go on for ever to keep the adrenaline flowing!

Vita said...

Back when I first saw this post I wanted to say our wall calendar at the time had a picture of the same model motorcycle, and somewhere else, maybe a show, there was a 3rd one, but I ran out of time and now I don't remember the 3rd one, but we have fast internet here. Love the picture of her.

Julianna said...

This can't truly have success, I feel this way.