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Monday, February 06, 2012


Those who have honoured me by visiting this blog over the years will know that from December to March I tend towards hibernation as symptoms of SAD tend to overcome me.However the sudden heavy snows which we experienced overnight led me to poke out my nose, leave my Black Dog in the kennel and enjoy (yes!) a ramble with Rex the Dog. As he enters our woods his first act is to survey it for squirrels to run after (he never catches one), but they were not in evidence today, sensibly staying warm and cosy within their winter quarters.
"Now - where are those squirrels"
The wood was glorious in its winter coat. The snow being of a sticky rather than powdery nature meant that there was an “icing on the cake” effect

There was even a touch of “Lowry” evident!

Then home to warmth and a whisky mac – a pleasant interlude to shorten my hibernation period.


Lucy said...

Snow does seem to lift it a bit doesn't it, it must be the reflected light. Lovely pictures, and Rex is such a beauty. I'm about to take my actual black dog for a walk in a much milder but decidedly more sombre landscape!

Avus said...

Thanks. Trouble is Rex has fur between his pads which gather and compact the snow into ice-balls. He needs a "service" about every 10 minutes to keep him moving comfortably.
Does Moll suffer similarly?

Anonymous said...

Hi Avus,

thanks for popping by. ThoughI've never seen snow, I can realte to the SAD thing - even long winters here get to my head. I installed five more skylights last year to combat it.

I have hte utmost respect for your daughter, and though we may never meet, I consider her among my top five blog pals.

Good to meet your doggy friends too, especially a "decendant" of Baxter.

herhimnbryn said...

I wanna go walkies too! Can I? Can I?

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

That is breathtakingly beautiful! (The dog is gorgeous too.) I am going to make me a Whisky Mac first opportunity I get! even if it is summer here and some kind of spritzer may be more fitting.

Avus said...

grrl+ dog:
Nice of you to come a-calling I will put the kettle on next time!

Sept/Oct is put aside for you, but there won't be any snow when you arrive (at least, I hope not!)

Whisky Mac is best during the winter, but can be enjoyed at any time - bung a few ice cubes in the glass in the summer, "slàinte mhòr!"

Lorenzo da Ponte said...

The weather in the south-east England (especially when snow is in the offing) continues to interest Mrs LdP even though there's no reason go down there any longer. Once upon a time the depth of snow in and around Ashford was of major significance since we used to visit her mother and father regularly, in Folkestone, and one couldn't help thinking that the Snow God picked out that five or ten square miles quite malignantly. With what seemed like total thoughtlessness my father decided to move out of the West Riding (not a moment too soon) and chose to live in Charing.

Avus said...

It is reckoned that this area, cupped between the North Downs and the Wealden Ridge, with its frontal valley facing the English Channel, has its own, unique climate.
Sometimes that can be an advantage - but not often!

Isabelle said...

Oh, brrr. Give me mild Edinburgh any day.

By the way, I got "Country Boy" for Christmas on your recommendation. Haven't read it yet (big pile of Christmas books) but am looking forward to it.

Avus said...

I think you will enjoy Country Boy. I gave my daughter in Oz (HHnB) a copy some time back.
She reciprocated by sending me for Christmas "Lifting the Latch". A life enhancing and heart-warming story. The biography of an Oxfordshire farm labourer for 1910 until his death in the mid '80s.

It is by Sheila Stewart, who interviewed him over 2 years and is quite wonderful. I think it would appeal to you - paperback available on Amazon.

Vita said...

Heidi gets snowballs tied up in her hairy feet and legs. Good thing it doesn't snow much here. Whew! Your photos took my breath away.