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Saturday, February 16, 2013


In my reply to Roderick Robinson's comment to my last post I wrote that the controversial history of Richard III could be the subject of a detective story and mentioned Josephine Tey's  investigative novel on precisely this subject - "The Daughter of Time".

My own daughter drew my attention to Peter Hitchens'  commentary about the book on BBC Radio 4's "A Good Read", where he calls it one of the most important books ever written.

It is a short book, easily read in one or two sittings and pretty "unputdownable" for those who enjoy such things - available from Amazon, in paperback or Kindle.

You will never again accept historical record on trust!


hhb said...

I'm going to have to readit again now.

Anonymous said...

I read 150 pages of it waiting in line to put in a benefit application in the mid 80s and I was enthralled! I've never forgotten the experience, everyone around me was so annoyed and I had to keep shuffling along but I was glued to the story, and believe her thesis completely,I'm sure it was Henry...
thanks for reminding me!

Avus said...

Thanks for visiting and your comment. I wonder how you found me?

birds sing artblog said...

Just to say, I was bloghopping, from art propelled to another to another to you! That's why a blogroll is such a boon, it's so not possible to search for something you don't know exists ;)

Vita said...

Thank you and hhb. I looked on Amazon and saw that it's expensive, so put a hold on the Library's copy. Sounds good. Goofing off pays.