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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Regarding the last "Frustration" post

Well - I have finally got into my blog on my laptop (which uses Internet Explorer as the browser with the dreaded Windows 8).

I eventually realised that my PC, which operates on Vista, crashed before Christmas and when it came back from repair Internet Explorer no longer worked properly. Fortunately I subscribe to a help line with PC World, my supplier, and a very nice young man took me through things over the phone, said that Internet Explorer can be a real pain and changed the PC's browser over to Chrome.

So since the browser has been changed to Chrome (which is Google's own product, for heaven's sake) I can only part access my blog (only the start-up panel and not all of that) , the "settings" don't work and I could not post a message like this - only the post heading where I posted of my frustrations, thinking that I would no longer be able to speak (write?) to everyone.

Just as I was thinking I really must get back to blogging once more, too. Also my blog's head image needs updating for "Spring". So guess it has to be the laptop for the time being, folks.

Any ideas on sorting the PC blog problem would be gratefully received as I much prefer using it to this laptop!

By the way - thanks for the supportive comments with the last post.


Tom said...

Welcome Avus. Wishing you well!! :)

The Crow said...

Hooray! Hooray, hooray!

(Sorry I can't help fix the problem, though.)

Roderick Robinson said...

I presently have Windows 7. Google repeatedly tried to force Chrome down my throat without explaining what the advantages were. However I quickly learned about the disadvantages: I was unable to work Blogger. I uninstalled Chrome then reinstalled it several times but it never worked.

Then I started having problems accessing my blog via Google; certain features such as Stats were unavailable and it proved impossible to use the picture posting control. I trawled the Internet and found I wasn't alone. In fact Google eventually admitted the problem.

Everyman and his dog had recommended Firefox, mainly for its added security. But I'd found it wouldn't let me draft posts in MSW and then transfer them to my blog. Out of desperation I tried accessing Google (and then my blog) through Firefox and lo it worked. There were some minor problems but these have gradually ironed themselves out. In the interim it became possible to access my blog directly through Google, although you had to shut dwn a terrible warning notice befoe doing so.

There are advantage in retaining both methods: Google direct and Google via Firefox and this I have done. I no longer draft my posts in MSW but in Notepad (the very basic word processor that comes with Windows; the disadvantage is that Notepad only generates .txt files and I have to import simple fractions and French accents via Character Map). If all this sounds as if I'm wilfully complicating the simple act of blogging please feel free to contact me. But try the Firefox option first; it's easily removed if it turns out u/s

My wife has just acquired a laptop with Windows 8 on it but happily she doesn't blog. Gradually we are beginning to understand 8 and even beat it at its own game. The right approach is to give yourself simple tasks (say, write a letter saved, as usual, in some specific location) and along the way notice that a number of 8's features are in fact ingenious and beneficial. Don't set out trying to understand the whole 8 ethos as a theory, as you might have done when you first encountered Windows; 8 isn't amenable to that sort of "engineering" approach. Also remind yourself that anyone can, without trying hard, fail to understand Windows 8 but it's hard to turn that into a boast.

Avus said...

Thanks for that, RR. I shall persevere!