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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Today is 25th October - St. Crispin's Day, and this always sends a shiver down my spine!


Tom said...

And Henry, the fifth of that name, became somewhat excited as well. But please, in answer to Westmoreland, don't send the UK's striking workers over here to France.

Avus said...

Funny that....now why is it that we feel that it is always the French who are on strike?
I live in Kent (Ashford) and our lives are often made a misery when French fishermen blockade ports like Calais, shutting down the ferries from Dover and causing mayhem on Kent roads when the M20 motorway is used as a 20 mile lorry park and traffic diverted onto local roads!
Anyway, we have a lot less strikes these days. Whatever the opinion of Maggie Thatcher, she did sort out the unions.

Anonymous said...

'Our king went forth to Normandy,
With grace and might of chivalry;
The God for him wrought marvelously,
Wherefore England may call, and
Deo gracias: Deo gracias Anglia redde pro victoria'.


Love The Daughter x

Isabelle said...

Yes, though I fear I am somewhat distracted by his hair style. It looks quite labour-intensive and thus not convenient for camping.

Good cheek-bones, too.

And terrific words.

Doohickie said...

Hello, Avus. I was actually in the UK last month - a business trip to Bristol. I went back to my blog to find something I wrote and noticed you were the only person to comment on my last post.

I'm still around, still riding my bike, not yet retired twice, or even once.

Be well,


Avus said...

Nice to hear from an old acquaintance, Doohickie. thanks for visiting.