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Saturday, November 14, 2015


A fellow blogger of many years is Kay (older bloggers may remember her as "Chief Biscuit"), a published poet who lives on the South Island of New Zealand.

She has just posted a marvellous letter which seems to sum up the current state of blogging. Trouble is (Catch 22) it will only be read by active bloggers! See it here under her post "Keeping Track".


Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Avus. It's a brave new world - as it has been all the time I've known it! Happy reading and writing and nice to be a part of the blogging world with you and other friends.

Avus said...

Glad you are still keeping it up, Kay. You, and "Pohangina Pete" on the North Island are my only blog contacts left in N.Z.

Roderick Robinson said...

I read Kay's post, commented and added her to my list of contacts. Thanks for that.

Avus said...

Glad to be the "go-between". As someone who enjoys fine writing I also recommend to you the above mentioned "Pohangina Pete". See my list of contacts.