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Saturday, June 04, 2016


Well, one of the finest folk fiddlers ever has finally justified his very premature obituary that was published in newspapers here some years ago. For a long time after "Swarb" would personally autograph photocopies of his "obit for £1 a time.

Now he has really died, age 75 and I wonder if we will ever see his like again.

Here, very much younger, he is playing "The Hens' March" accompanied by Simon Nichol on guitar.

Rest in Peace, "Swarb". We folk aficionados are going to miss your playing and quirky humour.


The Crow said...

Okay...how did he get that chicken in his violin/fiddle? That was great!

Avus said...

It just gives a flavour of the man, Martha. Not only a terrific fiddler, but a very humorous raconteur

The Crow said...

I like how he 'talks' with his eyebrows as he plays, which he does very well, if that didn't come across in what I'd written before. I'm glad for the link to their playing.

Anonymous said...

There's definitely some chooks dancing there!
love the daughter xx

Avus said...

Saw him about 3 years ago, with Pete and Jane at St Mary's Church, Ashford. He was doing a gig with Martin Carthy and must have then been over 70. He had had a double lung transplant (emphysema)and was breathing via a (decorated) tracheotomy but it did not interfere with his performance and humour.
He always played with a cigarette stuck to his lower lip and I guess that was the cause of his condition.

Pa xx