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Saturday, June 14, 2008


I don't know how long these have been around, Marmite Lovers, but I have just found them and they are absolutely delicious - particularly with a dab of creamy Irish Butter.
We have started buying Irish butter as from today in thanks for that great country saying "No" in their referendum to the scandalous proposed EU Constitution. This country is not being allowed a referendum on the subject in spite of this government's promise in their election manifesto to hold one. I will be toasting the Irish in Guinness today!
(Interestingly, the Irish language does not contain a word for "No" - instead it uses the phrase "it isn't")


Granny J said...

From what I've read, I'll bet the Irish are being toasted in all sorts of national drinks! The Guinness sounds yummy, almost as good as my back country "lemonade".

herhimnbryn said...

Good on Ya!
Ps. Mmmmmmmmmm, a little pkt of those Marmite rice cakes could come over here next year?

Lucy said...

Ooh, temptations abound, Marmite rice cakes and Guinness.

Everyone loves the Irish just now!

Isabelle said...

Hmm.. don't like Marmite so am not tempted. I wish I did since I'm vegetarian and it's good for one (supposedly).

Our German friend saw Marmite, insisted that it was plum jam, put a large dollop on his scone... Got a bit of a shock.

valonia said...

MARMITE!!!!! Sorry, did I "shout" that?

Right, I'm leaving work this instant to go and find some!

X V.

Avus said...

Saw your lemonade post - I have never tried making Guinness, though.
I thought that might be your reaction! Don't worry - some will come with us.
What? Are the Irish even popular with the French over their "no" vote?
Sorry about your dislike of the product - but they say there is no half way house - you either like it or hate it
Do I gather that you may, perhaps, be slightly attracted to Marmite? These rice cake packs seem good for snacking - treat them like crisps.

Nea said...

haha, Marmite, ya either love it or hate it, I guess. First time I tried it, I put way to much on also......it was a bit of a shock for me also. Had not idea what to expect......

riseoutofme said...

Finally found you! Lost you when old computer died!

I hope you have tickets for the sublime Mr. Cohen because he was ABSOLUTELY MAGIC!

riseoutofme said...

As for the Lisbon Treaty ... as we are a democracy we had our right to say No, in spite of the politicians bully boy tactics ... it remains to be seen what the upshot of our refusal to kow tow will be!

Any excuse to have a pint of the black stuff!

Avus said...

Thanks for making the effort to return - computer glitches are pants, what?
I am very jealous of your seeing Mr Cohen, but have posted in his honour.
God Bless the Irish!