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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


A crisp Autumn morning warranted a 12 mile cycle ride to the sea. The best bacon baguettes I have ever eaten can be had at a little seafront cafe in the small town of Dymchurch.

Warm and crisp with lean bacon and plenty of butter (and brown sauce, of course).

Join me sometime!


Barrett Bonden said...

Brown sauce, eh? This sounds like a preference that could spawn a million dissenting comments. As to bacon sandwiches (I am not attracted to the curiously unattractive vox pop version of this phrase) we are a family divided by butter. I prefer the bread to be buttered, my wife doesn't. To quote S. J. Perelman, you can hear the arteries snapping off like pipe-stems.

A confession I've been meaning to make for some time. You responded to my query of several months ago explaining that your blogonym was Latin for grandfather. So be it. But for me it always evokes the early post-war years of motor-racing when suicidal drivers raced each other on what was little more than two adjacent sides of a motorway near Berlin, linked at each end by banked hairpin bends with no protection at all to prevent the cars flying off into the countryside. Closed after the death of a fine driver Jean Behra and not a moment too soon. I mention this just in case, in responding to one of your posts, I appear to be a little off-key with what you have written.

Judith said...

I am tempted, Avus. How early do you get up? And can I come by hire car?

In other words, I suppose, I am tempted in my mind, but my physical self is reluctant!

pohanginapete said...

I'd love to join you, Avus. It'd take me a little longer to cycle there, though. Those oceans would be a problem too.

Mmm... bacon baguette. I'd need it by the time I got there.

herhimnbryn said...

'Serve God, honour the King, but first maintain the Wall'!!!!!!

Thanks for the invite, you know I would if I could(I might even be tempted by the Bacon snadwich!). I remember a certain Father, helping me up hills on my bicycle as I pedalled alongside him, his hand on my back.

Granny J said...

Hmm! I must confess to an American set of tastebuds. Bacon -- you bet. On bread? Yessiree. But brown sauce? You gotta be kidding. And butter -- who needs it. A tomoato wouldn't be bad at this point BTW, how many slices of bacon and are they crisp?

Lee said...

I'll keep the brown sauce for the sausages and just go with bacon & butter.

Nea said...

Yummy, both the sandwich, the ocean, and the bike ride. Three cheers for all. :):)

Lucy said...

Would that I could! And I bet they taste even better after a 12 mile bike ride.

We can get poitrine, which approximates to streaky and isn't bad if the thickness is right, but this looks like the real stuff.

They are of course, best with butter, though - heresy - I'm actually rather partial to cheese in them. I once had one with brown sauce and it was rather good, but I don't add it.

Lovely picture too, great composition!

Kay said...

Another idyllic bike ride! Well done.

Avus said...

When I (tongue in cheek) had the afterthought of the brown sauce, I guessed it would stir up some "divisions"!

Barrett B:
Yes - I too remember the Avus Circuit. Perhaps I can be a fast and dangerous grandfather?

You could arrive in your son's van, now you have found the means to get into its saddle.

I think I would really enjoy a cycle ride with you - although I guess the stops would tend to get longer as the conversation got more interesting.

"Serve God, Honour the King, but first maintain the Wall" - the motto of Romney Marsh men since the Middle Ages. Without that sea wall there would be vast tidal flats where meadows are now. My picture is in fact taken sitting on that Wall. The drop on the seaside is about 10 feet, on the landside it is about 20 feet. Q.E.D.

I like tomatoes, but not with meat, only with cheese. I did not count the slices, but I know they put them in double deck.

Brown sauce with sausages - definitely!

Glad you liked the pic. It was the clockwise lead in from the roll, through the cup to the ball players and then to those by the sea that attracted me - I waited until the ball was midway in the air.

Winter now draws on and snow is forecast - early for us. It may be there will be some "snow rides" to post soon!

Robyn said...

That sounds absolutely delicious especially on a crisp Autumn morning! I had the best Ale and Beef pie in Dymchurch.

Vita said...

I'm so glad you explained the wall HHnB talked of defending. Your bacon baguette looks absolutely sinful! I am wondering what brown sauce tastes like.

Avus said...

"Brown Sauce" in all its forms is so universal here that I was surprised to see that you Yanks appear not to have heard of it. It comes in various forms in various bottles and can have either a sweetish flavour like chutney or a sharper, spicey one. The two best selling brands are "H.P. Sauce" (the sweeter one) and "Daddie's Sauce" (the other).
Absolutely essential for me with fried food and good in cheese sandwiches, too.

Vita said...

That sounds good either way, and wonder if it's very different from A1 Sauce, which is very brown.

Relatively Retiring said...

You took a big risk with the seagulls there!
I love the quality of the light.

Avus said...

Fortunately seagulls are scarce at this time of year - they seem to come inland to find food.
Always get good light over the flat lands of Romney Marsh and wonderful, vast skies - painters love it.
Thanks for popping by - let me know next time and I will put the kettle on.

Judith said...

Suddenly I am getting you on my reader. I wonder if you had to fix it, or if my reader was just being temperamental.

Avus said...

What is a "reader", why are you getting me on it and why does it get temperamental?
I am afraid you are ahead of me on these technicalities!

Isabelle said...

I'm vegetarian and bacon is one of those things that cause vegetarians to lapse, but I've never tasted it and never wanted to. Maybe this is quite unusual?

I like the view, though. A lot.

Avus said...

Thabnks for popping by. My daughter became vegetarian in her teens, but many years later she says the smell of bacon cooking is still a great temptation! (she has never lapsed, however)

Saori the Whim said...

While I am browsing blogs, I found yours. It must have been a nice morning. I always have coffee, bread, cheese and a Japanese staff..