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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


HerHimnBryn has just posted a view of her old friends nuzzling up together. As a lover of "reading" other peoples' book shelves I thought this would be a good meme (although I guess it must have been done before.)

So let's introduce our old friends to each other and post shots of our bookshelves. They will be a good read and might provide inspiration for new reading.
Queen Elizabeth the First once said she did not wish to open a window into men's souls (after the progroms of Bloody Mary), but our bookshelves do just that! So I will lay myself open, to kick off this meme .
(you can click any image to enlarge it to read the spines)


Robyn said...

Aah yes what would we do without our old friends. I love a house full of books and a comfy chair next to the bookshelf....just perfect.

Granny J said...

Oh, my, Avus -- you remind me that I am planning to move some of the overflow out, to a used book store or perhaps the library's sales room. One can be overwhelmed, you know!!! If you don't believe me, go to this post.

herhimnbryn said...

They be your friends, but lots are mine too! Many go back to my childhood!

Do you know that we STILL have books in boxes from when we arrived here 7 yrs ago? No where to put them. I am drawing up plans for a huge floor to ceiling bookcase....Alchemist wants it to have a ladder too!

Lee said...

I'll give it a try. Not sure if I can get far enough back to get it in.

Xav. said...

hello! Your blog is nice ....
Would you exchange a link with my site?


Ciao ciao from Italy

Avus said...

"Oh for a book and a shady nook
Either indoors or out....."
I know the feeling. I try hard not to buy books these days and when I do they must be ones that I will read/need again. Otherwise I get them in paperback and give them away.
Yes, I know, my dear and some of them you gave me - always a careful choice and cherished and read often. We, too, have boxes of books still in the attic. All my boyhood ones are there.
Be careful with the large bookshelves - you will fill them and still want more room (I have contemplated stacking them up the side of the stairs)
you could try doing them in sections like I had to.
Tried to visit your blog but it would not let me in, but quite happy to exchange a link.

Barrett Bonden said...

Re Xav's blog: Access it via the blog name in the profile. Its default language is Italian, however click on the Union flag and it translates itself into a very entertaining form of English,

Isabelle said...

Ah, my husband is a Lindsey Davis fan too, and a collector of maps - and I wouldn't mind reading some of those biographies...

Vita said...

I saw a Triumph book in there. I keep trying to get rid of books, but they keep growing and I have them lying on top of the books standing up on the shelf like you do.

Avus said...

Barrett B:
Thank you

Yes, as you gather, I like Lindsey Davies. If you have not read it, I think you might like her "Course of Honour" - which is totally different from her usual stuff. She once told me that she considered it the best thing she has ever written (and her first book), yet it was refused publication until the success of the "Falco" books.
I have had 42 motorcycles (so far!)but have never owned a Triumph - funny that, but I suppose it relates to my not being enamoured of vertical twin engines (too buzzy for me)

Zhoen said...

That's not bookshelves, that there's a library.

Vita said...

I just put a widget of my virtual Shelfari bookshelf on the side, since I'm useless with a camera.