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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


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Norfolk..........a leisurely, enjoyable week. A cosy spot to set up our caravanserai under the apple trees,

Norfolk skies with the harvest in

Norfolk churches

The nostalgia of "clackity-clack" rides through the Norfolk countryside on old railway lines in ancient carriages drawn by a steam engine

and a vintage Routemaster ex-London bus taking passengers from the train station to the town (Holt)

But there was work to be done for HHnB who had requested detailed pictures of the "Great Wall" of Erpingham for her future inspiration.

(a complete set of model "T" Ford wheels are embedded)

However, the real serendipity was that the house owner and builder of the wall, seeing me photographing, came out to ask (in an almost impossible to imitate in print, wonderful Norfolk accent) "Yew loiiike thaaat, then?" He had owned a rubbish skip business, wherefrom had come the wall's ingredients (he still had two fields full of the stuff as well a collection of 30 horse carts and pony traps). He and his wife had taken 7 years to build it together. Unfortunately she had died some 3 months previously. Telling him that I was there because a daughter in Australia had seen the wall on the net and wanted pictures, he was happy to accede to my request for his picture by it. "Mr. Wright" he said his name was - (the formalities were preserved). His somewhat set expression was down to the regrettable results of a stroke.

Oh - and I can recommend the fresh-caught Cromer crab!


Granny J said...

...and a fine report that is! First, I do believe that the bus is one of the 2-deckers I rode down Michigan Avenue in Chicago, which were sold off to London way back when. And, next, a question: is that train for real,everyday people -- or is it a tourist thingy?

herhimnbryn said...

Thankyou, thankyou. Now I wonder where I can put such a wall here?

Barrett Bonden said...

Quite profligate with his artefacts: I would have thought the Model T wheels still had cash value. Wouldn't expect to see a wall like that in narrow-gutted (Thanks, mum) Yorkshire. Can Granny J's remark be real - the US selling Routemasters back to the UK? There's real salesmanship.

Kay said...

That is an amazing wall!! And I love the human interest you have added to it. Looks like it was a wonderful holiday. Great photos.

Lee said...

So very...British!

Vita said...

I'm so glad hhnb requested the photos, because that is a spectacular wall. I wonder how many walls he has inspired. I believe that is a statement.

Avus said...

As with Barrett Bonden, I have never heard about the US selling double-decker buses back to UK.
With regard to the train - a tourist thingy run by volunteers on a re-opened derelict rail line. See: http://www.nnrailway.co.uk/
if you are interested in such things.

I shall mail you detailed pics of The Wall. I suggest one such at your abode between the garden and the kerb at the front!

So "British" eh? And I did not even mention cream teas (Devonshire Teas to you Aussies) on the lawns of the Queen's country house (Sandringham)!

Agreed about the wall.

ArtPropelled said...

It's going to be a treat seeing what HHnB creates after seeing your photographs of THE wall.

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