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Friday, September 18, 2009


HHnB has just posted about her new shoes (which, she says, are unfortunately not red"). This reminded me that in the back of the wardrobe there still existed a relic from the mid '70s . My pair of red patent leather shoes which were worn with a pair of grey chalkstripe flaired trousers, a blue patterned shirt and a paisley "kipper" tie. Be kind to me, people - autres temps, autres moeurs!

Thing is, having put them on for the first time in 30 years, they are very comfortable, but I don't feel like being a fashion icon any more. (I wonder, if I click the (highish) heels three times, I can fly off to Oz like Dorothy? Except my Oz would be W. Australia!)


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Lovely blog. And my heart was heavy reading of Sabre. Bless you.

herhimnbryn said...

I remember those shoes and the 'gear'! At that time I can also remember arguing ( discussing) with you both the merits of allowing me to wear 3 inch platform soles.......I didn't win!

Judith said...

Perhaps regular applications of brown polish would bring them to a less challenging and more wearable colour.

Or you could just take the 'growing old disgracefully' attitude to the whole issue - after all, comfort in the feet is an absolute necessity for enjoying life!bunkilw

Judith said...

Sorry! typed the word verification in the wrong place.

Kay said...

Wow - You actually kept them!
R had a paisley tie too at one time (1975, when we met if I remember correctly!)
WHAT? You didn't let HHB wear platforms?!

Barrett Bonden said...

Test yourself: could you throw them away? It was the same with my climbing boots. Long since surplus to requirements I just couldn't dump them. However retirement does allow a good deal of sartorial trimming. I am in fact down to one pair of shoes (too mundane to be posted) and one suit. The latter is brought out mainly for funerals and to save my descendants the trouble I suppose I could wipe out a lifetime of curmudgeonliness and arrange to be buried in it.

Avus said...

P,T & E:
Thanks - still missing the old boy.

With hindsight - Was my decision on the platforms correct?

They would not re-colour with polish, being shiny patent leather. But I shall keep them this way as a memory of the things we men wore in the '70s.

Sometimes dads have to have the last say - even with beloved daughters!

Yes - keeping them as a "relic". Know what you mean about downsizing the wardrobe. I have found Craghoppers "Action Trousers" (sound like something from Wallace and Gromit) and live in them these days - comfortable, practical and washable. Like you, I have the "funeral suit" - bought 27 years ago and still fits!

Vita said...

Do you have the tie still? My very favorite shoes in 1962 were bright red patent leather with very very pointed toes. Did they ever hurt!? But cute? Yes, and yes.

Lucy said...

Oh my, and with the cherry coloured socks too!

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