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Saturday, March 13, 2010


In the early '60s a car rammed the back of my bicycle at some 40 miles an hour, leading me to perform a parabolic curve towards the sky, leaving my shoes still captured by the pedal toeclips. I remember nothing of the accident, except coming to with an excruciating back pain whilst being strapped to a spinal board.

Apparently I came down on my head (a pretty solid part of the Avus anatomy), concertina-ing my spine and fracturing 3 vertabrae (nearly 50 years later, wet weather always reminds me of this).

However, every cloud has a silver lining (although not immediately apparent at the time). The subsequent compensation enabled me to buy a second hand motorcycle combination with a huge family sidecar. Here a somewhat larger munchkin takes her brother for a ride in Ashdown Forest.

Hopefully, in May, there will be a finale for this sequence when HHnB rides pillion on the BMW.


herhimnbryn said...

See you soon!
Looking forward to going out with you on the BMW...but you're not putting my picture on here then!

Avus said...

Not even with a full-face helmet on with the visor down?

Barrett Bonden said...

Is that a roof-rack on the sidecar? Or are those wheels for use after your next parabolic venture into the lower atmosphere? That fairing takes me back a long long way. AA/RAC roadside men used to have them on their bikes.

Avus said...

Yes - the roof rack was invaluable for carrying the "tender", used when the younger members of the family disembarked.

You are correct about the Avon fairing - blue on the RAC and yellow on AA. Looking at it now I think it is a ghastly thing, but was a fashion of the times.

Kay McKenzie Cooke. said...

Love the transport through the ages theme ... and the pictures! My d-i-l in Kyoto has bought herself a bike with a child-seat on the front (btwn handlebars) for daughter to ride in ... the child faces forward. A little different to yours, but same principle of 'kids on board'.

Avus said...

Good to know that the "kids on board bicycles" theme continues in Japan