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Monday, February 22, 2010


Looking through some old photographs on this, a cold wet day, I found a memory of how a young married couple with two children travelled in the early 1960s. The little munchkin peering over the child seat now makes mosaics in Australia!


Barrett Bonden said...

I mentioned that the lynchpin of our forty-nine-old union could well be our joint bank account. But this could well be one of your lynchpins. A tandem requires trust; that the stoker is doing her share of the work. But perhaps yours was a truly egalitarian marriage with the roles of driver and stoker regularly interchanged. Or would that have been an infringement of male rights? We should be told.

Avus said...

Always me on the front, BB...and I always trusted my stoker to back up my efforts and make things easier for me.
No tandem now, but she still does.

herhimnbryn said...

'Munchkin' indeed!

I wish I could remember those rides, but alas I was too little. I do have some 'sense' memory of sitting in a motorcycle side car, when I was little older.

Hey, do I get a ride on the BMW in May?

Avus said...

I think this "Transport through the Ages" theme may have some sequels in which you will appear complete with sidecar.
The BMW tells me that he is quite excited about letting you ride on him in May. I metaphorically stroked his mane t'other day and mentioned it - also promised him an oil change and service once the weather warms up.

Vita said...

What pretty girls you accompanied on the bicycle built for three. My dad's photographs were all slides in the 60's, and a brother has the lot.

Avus said...

Yes - bonny lasses! Most of my later 60s and 70s pics are all on colour slides, which I am in the process of gradually converting to digital.

Lucy said...

What a delightful equipage! Shame HHB doesn't remember.