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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Awoke to the first "Misty, moisty morning" today.
Autumn is arriving, with its sense of completion and bounty .
(Blogging has taken a back seat these last couple of months with my mind on other things.)


Lee said...

I can feel the warmth!

pohanginapete said...

It's a lovely time of year (the light on the ranges behind me in the evenings is particularly beautiful in autumn), but I do appreciate the optimism of spring (into which we're heading here, now).

Love that photo. As Lee said, I can feel the warmth.

Barrett Bonden said...

Still life with straw cylinders.

herhimnbryn said...

'And in drouthy middle August, when the bones of meadows show,
We can trace the lines they followed sixteen hundred years ago.'

Beautiful image. Where is that field?

Bet you know the quote. I admit I only had a vague memory of it and had to look it up for the exact words.

Avus said...

Yes a golden, warm September afternoon. These rolls of straw still strike me as strange as I am old enough to remember the straw gathered into lines of "stooks", like little teepees across the fields. Good recreational areas when young, initially for hide and seek, later for discovering "courting"!

From that magician, Kipling. His poem "The Land" - a lovely, evocative piece about the continuance of life and custom through the ages. Your paternal great-grand mother's family (Nanny Beal, neƩ Hodge,) originated about 5 miles from Kipling's "Field". I like to feel that our "Hodge" and his "Hobden" (of the poem) were not a little related!

My image was composed in a field which drowsed under a September sun, near Hamstreet, Romney Marsh.

Devon holiday cottages said...

I can also feel it and I'm loving it!

short breaks in wales said...

The photo is great and autumn is also great! For sure you will enjoy.