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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Autumn in Dorset

A family bereavement caused us to cancel our summer holiday, so now a week in Dorset beckoned. It is a lovely county, fairly unknown and forgotten by the hordes, but known and cherished by, amongst others, Thomas Hardy aficionados.

Our caravan settled down in a field on a small farm, with glorious views from the front window

However, there is a price to pay - to enjoy a view one needs a hill, which means a slope. Siting the caravan was tricky but accomplished, with the help of stone props.

The caravan is level, the angle of the awning gives some idea of the slope.

But the autumn days were glorious.We awoke to misty mornings

But by about 10 o'clock the sun had burned through, drying the hedgerows and burnishing the autumn fruits

and lighting sympathetically the views over the Blackmoor Vale (which Hardy likened to the "cottage garden of Dorset")

On only one morning did we draw the curtains to find rain obscuring the view

And that day we made good use of our National Trust membership to visit Kingston Lacy

All in all a gentle, relaxing holiday. No plans, no rush. A gentle nurse for fractured souls.


pohanginapete said...

A lovely sense of serenity in this post, Avus. And those last two photos in particular are stunning.

herhimnbryn said...

I can hear the rain on the 'van roof.
Beautiful images. Glad the time away helped.

Doohickie said...

I love misty mornings. Don't get nearly enough of them in Texas.

Avus said...

Thank you, Pete.
Yes, it was a nurturing week and we both feel the better for it.
As to rain on the 'van roof - it imparts a feeling of cosiness. However, I can remember one holiday when it rained for 10 days/nights almost solid and the incessant drumming felt like chinese water torture towards the end!
Nice to hear from you. Autumn used to be my favourite season, however, since I have got older Spring has taken over - psychological, I suppose.

Barrett Bonden said...

Sorry about the forced change of plans but glad you were able to find comfort elsewhere. The caravan photo hints at the risks you took since the camera almost always removes the sting of steep gradients. As to the changing seasons, living in Hereford has taught me to ignore them since - winter or summer - there's always the War-song of Dinas Vawr advancing up from the Black Mountains. Mrs BB does not, however, share this philosophical view.

Avus said...

Thank you for that - I like comments which lead me elsewhere and had never heard of the War song of Dinas Vawr before - or the poet Thomas Love Peacock
.." Ednyfed, king of Dyfed,
His head was borne before us;
His wine and beasts supplied our feasts,
And his overthrow, our chorus..."
the Welsh don't change much do they?
(said tongue in cheek since HHnB's distaff ancestry is Welsh)

ArtPropelled said...

A sense of peace. Mist always soothes me for some reason except when driving through it.Beautiful scenery.

Von said...

There is nothing quite like being in a van in the rain. so cosy ad homely.

soraya nulliah said...

dear Avus-thanks so much for the very succicnt comment you left on my blog-I totally agree with you. I would love to visit Dorset...I grew up in S. Africa so I am very English in so many ways. Plus...the countryside looks magnificent...all I need to go with it are tea and scones!!

Avus said...

I concur about the beauty and peacefulness of mist - makes for great photography too.
Von and Soraya:
Thanks for visiting - pop in again sometime and I will put the kettle on. (with scones, jam and cream, Soraya!)

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

What a treat to visit you again - beautiful photos! England never looked so lovely ... thank you for the images and words. Keep enjoying the autumnal pleasures to be had in your fair land.

Lucy said...

Sorry to hear of your bereavement, but Dorset would be balm to any hurt, to my mind. It was the scene of my first and favourite childhood holidays, in a pale green caravan called 'Lucy's Lodge', permanently sited for the first 3 years of my life in Charmouth, and later in our old Sprite Alpine. It was also where we last lived in the UK, near to Dorchester. Still about my favourite corner of the country, I think.

These pictures are lovely, and the sloping awning one most illustrative!

Avus said...

Nice to hear from you again.
A fellow caravanner and Dorset lover! For your information the 'van was sited on a small farm on the hill overlooking Milton Abbas, with views of the Purbeck Hills and Corfe Castle

www.camobel.org said...

The dude is totally right, and there is no suspicion.