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Tuesday, January 01, 2013


With almost continuous rain for weeks now Christmas was a wash-out and I have been getting "stir-crazy" watching the water lashing down the windows.

However New Year's Day dawned with clear blue skies and last night's forecast was encouraging. The "electric Claud Butler" was unleashed (well, the charge cable was unplugged) and off we wheeled. A head wind was encountered as we toddled to Tenterden . I still can't get over the guilty pleasure of simply pressing a button on the handlebars to awaken the genie who assists with the pedalling!

Down Tenterden High Street, fairly empty on this Bank Holiday then headed for the ancient Isle of Oxney past a couple of vineyards (yes - good wine!) and the actress Ellen Terry's house.

Elevenses was taken relaxing in the SUNSHINE  near the Royal Military Canal

Two belated mince pies. The essential coffee flask will be noted (well laced with brandy - the engine needs a regular stoking).

Then it was a gentle meander across Romney Marsh for lunch at the Woolpack pub

Home by about 3.00pm just as the bloom was going off the day. But a "day of days" indeed. A delight snatched from winter. 40 miles and no aching knees! (thank you electric genie)

Happy New Year to all  my readers!


Roderick Robinson said...

Forget that guilt. Think of all the millions of 360-deg revolutions you've racked up in credit beforehand. Tenterden! I set scenes from Gorgon Times there because I wanted to convey comfortable middle-classism. And lunch at The Woolpack which you and I discussed three years ago, when I incorrectly located it in the wrong village. A day well snatched. And a happy thingumibob.

Lucy said...

Ooh, did you have the crab? Sounds lovely!

Happy New Year Avus!

Avus said...

Thanks for the assuagement of my guilt!
Yup. The crab was delicious, the prawns large and juicy, new potatoes nicely firm.

herhimnbryn said...

What larks Pip!
Perfec' just perfec'!

Avus said...

What a combination!
Joe Gargeree and Pop Larkin!

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

A lovely day indeed! What a great idea, the conversion. I'm sure there will be many more bike rides ahead - enjoy!

Avus said...

Judging by the interest in the "electric Claud" from passers by, I think that e-bikes may start catching on here - they have in Holland, although they are far more cycling orientated there.