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Saturday, January 26, 2013


There has been heavy snow and a biting, icy wind this last week. However a front came in off the Atlantic on Friday evening bringing warmer weather and rain. By mid-day Saturday things were as per photo above - so a 25 mile cruise amid the North Downs took up most of Saturday afternoon.


Lucy said...

Looks good, so often snow melt leaves a drab sodden mess. That house makes me feel nostalgic, I grew up in one with white walls, deep red tiled roofs in complex configurations, and tall chimneys, though it was a small one, right on the (pre-bypass) A41 in a small town in Hertfordshire.

Enjoy your outings!

Roderick Robinson said...

"A front came in." No it didn't. Or rather you're reporting it secondhand. Fronts are only talked about by those men (there are women too but I'll let them off the hook) who appear round about 10.35 on the telly in a compeition to see who can buy and plausibly wear the sharpest, buttoned-up suit available in Lewisham High Street. The results are announced once a year at a pub in Sidcup where everyone drinks halves of mild, the winner being awarded a (used) Gideon Bible. After which they all go home to Catford and the process starts again. What you are seeing is a catwalk. Those white arrows, blue blobs and areas of brownness are the amateurish result of introducing a "disco" flavour to the proceedings in the eighties. They tried inventing their own street slang (hence front, isobar, "if you're out and about") but it never caught on. Until now. For shame.

Avus said...

Were you on something when you wrote that? Can I have some too?

hhb said...

Sigh. I can smell that lane and here I ma sitting at my bureau on a 21 deg morning!

Loved the bluebell pic in the link!