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Sunday, April 07, 2013

SPRING (at last)

Sunday morning, April 7th and at last the bitter winds, direct from Arctic northern Europe, have abated and are swinging round to the south.

Sunshine and temperatures of 11c invited me to take the e-bike out for its first longish run since my minor stroke.

A welcome stop at the 10 mile mark was in the village of Appledore . Miss Mollett's home-made tea cakes, toasted, with butter and black currant jam were absolutely delicious.

Another 10 miles over Romney Marsh took me home. The cycle ride in the sun did me more good than all the tablets the doctor has given me!


hhb said...


hhb said...

ps Now I recognise the church in your header! The three of us went there last time I was in the UK. Our 'tour' of churches in the Marsh!

Avus said...

Yes - I thought it about time I changed my "winter" heading for a "spring" one.
Incidently I have left instructions for my ashes to be scattered (many years hence, I hope!)near the seat in the graveyard of that church, close to my very old friend, James Jordan (see my post, "Coffee, cake and things" of 17th April 2008 under the "Romney Marsh" label

Avus said...

PS to the last comment - you may put the following into Google to save you the search!


Roderick Robinson said...

Delighted you've been out and about but please don't feel you have to choose between cycling and the quack's pills. Embrace both then order one of those blue Lycra body stockings with a red S on the breast-bone.

I didn't immediately recall the sense of the word e-bike (even though I recall the post about its acquisition). Thus my mind struggled briefly with e (electronic) rather than e (electric) and I had you traversing Kent at 186,000 mps. As one who has your best interests at heart I very nearly sent you a cautionary recommendation about keeping your mouth shut (to prevent flies from hitting your uvula at this monstrouse speed) before the penny dropped.

Had we been cycling together two factors would no doubt have arisen: (a) You'd have had to wait around a lot, and (b) I suspect I'd have been required to sit outside Miss Mollett's in response to the coded sign (High Class) saying in effect Guardian Readers Not Welcome. I take it the waitresses were all wearing black armbands. Not that I'm being critical you understand; Tory grub is always more nourishing.

Avus said...

Thanks for your good wishes and concern over my possibly great speeds. Believe me, a steady 12 mph, unassisted by the electric genie, is my limit.
Regarding the "high class" tea shop, I have always understood it to mean (and I certainly agree with the results)that it is clean, neat, with first class home-made foods and excellent, attentive service.
If you saw the number of cyclists that call in there on Sunday mornings for a cuppa I am sure you would have felt "politically able" to use the facility. By choice I chose to sit at a table with 3 cyclists - all strangers, but of the brotherhood which binds us. During conversation it became evident that one was a retired university lecturer and one a British Railways pensioner (and an ex shop steward to boot) together with his partner who works on the check-out till of her local Aldi.
I am sure you would have been happy with the company - although politics don't enter into cyclists' conversations usually. You really must not be so self-defensive about the newspaper you take. Apart from the famous spelling errors it ain't a bad read!

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

A great idea - hope you get out and about a lot more in the warmer months. And that you post all about the trips; with photos.

Avus said...

Thanks. Don't worry - it is my avowed intention to be out and about as soon as the sun gets going and the bluebells rise1 Photos will no doubt be forthcoming too!

Vita said...

So glad you can still bike through Romney Marsh. Twenty miles. That Appleldore tea room makes me laugh. Thank you. I'm going to try to prove I'm not a robot now.

Tom said...

Alas and alack! The biting north winds have returned , and it's cold enough to freeze certain orbs of metallic primates.

Isabelle said...

So sorry to hear about your minor stroke but glad that you're making a good recovery. Onward and upward.

The Crow said...

Hello, Avus:

Hope you've had many more good outings since you posted this in April.

Best wishes,