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Monday, July 01, 2013

Church of St Thomas Beckett, Fairfield

A pleasant Sunday ride on the hottest day of this year, so far (about 25c). This is the isolated church at Fairfield, dedicated by the monks of Canterbury who were responsible for "inning" (draining) this part of Romney Marsh in mediaeval times. Its full history can be seen here.

Plain brick outside because of the later renovation (see the history). But inside (ancient key kept by the local farm house) is an undiscovered 18th century gem of box pews and oak beams:

Then it was about time to head for Miss Mollett's "High Class" tea shop for a light lunch of Bacon,brie and cranberry toasties with salad, plus a large pot of tea. Just sitting outside in the warm sunshine and watching the world go by in the ancient village of Appledore.


Tom said...

A lovely old church in tranquil surroundings. Now the teashop, that's something I do miss.

Avus said...

Hullo Tom
Ah, the tea shop - perhaps a little "twee" and viewed with suspicion by "R.R." as a place where he would not be politically welcome (he is mistaken)
Great food and cooking and enjoyed by many passing cyclists each weekend. Whilst I was there I overheard the proprietor saying that she had just taken a reservation for 14 of their "high class cream teas" (a full meal in themselves) and would need to put some of the tables together.

hhb said...

Ah, I remember the 'tour' of Marsh churches with you and Mum. A smashing day it 'twas!

valonia said...

That church is absolutely stunning. I did an art presentation once on church architecture and iconography - oh, how I wish I had known about that little gem. It's gorgeous.

It was also at that age that I discovered that I don't get struck down by lightning when entering church buildings. That was very handy for my project. ;)

Avus said...

Yes - it was a lovely day out. We both look forward to the next one! xx

Good to hear from you once more. Yes, a real gem of a church

valonia said...

Thanks, Gandalf :)
It's nice to catch up with old favourite blogs. New boat, new blog and all that. I love reading your summer posts of cycling adventures.