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Sunday, December 28, 2014


It was an "interesting" Christmas. In the early morning of 22nd I arose to visit the loo. My left leg had a mind of its own & I had trouble with walking.  Previous experience said "stroke" So off I went to hospital courtesy of a gentleman driving an ambulance with "blues & twos"(as they say in the police) operating. What followed is really a re-run of my previous post  in 2012. (Since I cannot use my left arm/hand & typing is laboriously slow, I shall not enlarge on that post).

They  chucked me out of hospital after one night's stay with the usual bag of pills - they wanted to clear the beds over Christmas & I was happy to co-operate! A little more severe than the last, little use in left arm, hand & leg, but I am (staggeringly) ambulant & can see to myself - speech is slurred this time.

So my time is spent reading & I really must most thoroughly recommend "Do No Harm" by Henry Marsh, an eminent brain surgeon. Absolutely enthralling,  if not, perhaps, ideal to be reading after a brain misfunction! Marsh has great humility, humanity & supreme skills in his profession. It is a "must read".

Henry Marsh: Interview

So, apologies for failing to wish  blog readers a Happy Christmas (really was too engrossed elsewhere!) but a healthy, prosperous & peaceful 2015 to all.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Aged P!
Listen to your resident Nurse, keep taking the tablets and read aloud at least twice a day!

The book looks interesting, I shall look into it.

Love Daughter xx

Avus said...

thanks m'dear. I read the book on kindle, butwas so impressed with it that I am buying the paperback. Shall I send it on to you?

Tom said...

Yes! I think your choice of reading material leaves much to be desired. In two weeks time, I will be having my first cataract op. Reading about that on the internet was enough to send me shaking to the loo. (It was nearer than the garage, and more easily defended.)

I do hope you had the best of Christmases available, under the circumstances. And of course, allthe very best and improving good health for 2015.

Lucy said...

Sorry to hear about that Avus, but glad you were out and reading and generally passing the time in a peaceful and agreeable manner - perhaps good to be reading about how clever the doctors are these days!?

Anyway, wishing you a still happy Christmas, it being well short of 12th Night, and take care.

Avus said...

Lucy & Tom:
Thank you for your good wishes &, Tom, all the best for your cataract op. It seems to have gone perfectly for Robbie and yours should be just as sucessful.

The Crow said...

So very glad you are with us still. I hope and wish for you a speedy and complete recovery!

Happy new year, Avus, to you and your family.

Avus said...

Thanks for your concern & good wishes, Martha

Roderick Robinson said...

Sorry about your affliction; impressed by your laconic account of it.

I've read Do No Harm and agree wholeheartedly. It does away with the concept of the surgeon as a detached Olympian figure. In Marsh's case the idea emerges of neurosurgeon and patient bound together by risk and, when things go wrong as they seem to do fairly frequently, the suffering is shared between both. Also I found myself sympathising with Marsh's disdain for the piffling matters dreamed up by hospital administrators.

I put the book down thinking how rare honesty is in such autobiographical works how often reality is hidden behind euphemism and cliché. The book has of course become a best-seller, deservedly so.

Hope 2015 is kinder to you than 2014. It adds up to eight - does this help? Cheers.

Avus said...

Thanks for the best wishes RR. I am a bit foxed by your comment that 2015 " adds up to 8" - unless you subscribe to Chinese beliefs that 8 is a lucky number. (the same beliefs eschew "4" which has the same sound as "death" in Mandarin (tse). Since I live at no.44 that is not good for "feng shui"!

Kay Cooke said...

Sorry to hear of your setback. Look after yourself. Trust you will be back on your bike soon. All the best for 2015.

Avus said...

Thanks for the good wishes

pohanginapete said...

I, too, am sorry to hear of your bad luck. Best wishes for a quick and full recovery.

Avus said...

Thanks, Pete. I shall try to emulate you in your recovery.