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Tuesday, January 06, 2015


It is now 15 days since my stroke and I have the leisure to observe how my body is coping and my brain is re-wiring. I think of my great grand - daughters, how they crawl, pull themselves up, take first tottering steps and then get confidence to run around. This is happening to me.

Small things, leading to bigger, I hope. For instance, I can now use both hands to type this (going over it to correct the mistakes is quicker than pecking it out with one hand). I can now reach my left thumb across my palm to pinch my little finger – albeit not much strength yet in that pinch. Easy, you say? Last week I could not get within a centimetre of closure. Stairs – with bannister assistance I climb one foot to each tread (not hauling up both feet onto one tread at a time).

A pleasant, middle aged female physiotherapist calls each couple of days with exercises for balance. Standing to attention on a dense, thick foam rubber mat for extended periods does wonders for brain training in balance! I get along fine with her since she is a fellow German Shepherd Dog enthusiast (on her third – a white one). One day I may get another, if one finds me.

A fine morning tempted me to walk slowly down the garden path to the garage to see how my “toys” were faring. I reassured them that they both would get out for some exercise soon. (A blessing that in winter they do not get extended use anyway)
So hopefully that summit is in sight. In the words of Edna St. Vincent Millay, “Let us go forth together to the Spring”.


The Crow said...

I haven't had a stroke (yet, and may never), but I am having to learn how to live with and around the multitude of things that occurred/were discovered in 2014. I find your posts helpful, encouraging and insightful.

Indeed, "let us go forward together to the Spring"...and beyond.

Lucy said...

I too find your fortitude and good cheer encouraging and inspiring. Keep up the good work, and here's to spring!

Avus said...

Crow & Lucy:
Although I was only commenting on my progess I am very pleased that you have found inspiration in there!

Tom said...

I am humbled by the very obvious courage and determination that you show. May your progress continue unabated. Wishing you well.

Avus said...


My thanks. Your approval is valuable and enhancing for me.

Anonymous said...

First one step then the next...
Love from the Daughter x

Avus said...

Daughter mine:
"The longest journey commences with a single step through the door"

with love

Pa x

pohanginapete said...

Although the wilder claims of the positive thinking brigade don't stack up, there's no doubt an attitude like yours helps recovery — hugely. It makes sense that it should, too, because belief in recovery is a great motivator to do what's needed to achieve that recovery. Very pleased to hear of your progress, and all the best for its rapid continuing.

Avus said...

Thank you for this, much appreciated