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Friday, December 11, 2009


I happily made up a meat sandwich for a light lunch, topped it with a packet of crisps and laid a square of paper napkin on top of the pile. Then I made a cup of tea.

Having left the plate on the low table beside my reading chair I returned to the kitchen to fetch the teacup, sat in my chair and turned my attention to the plate. There lay the packet of crisps with serviette atop, all perfectly undisturbed, but no meat sandwich under them.

Rex, the new dog, lay contentedly stretched out on the carpet before me - not a crumb in sight. How the hell did he do it so perfectly, quickly and surgically?

(the images are reconstructions of the crime)


Barrett Bonden said...

I'm reminded of one of those granny-type sayings: he'll eat you out of house and home. It's already started and he's got the right name for assuming control.

herhimnbryn said...

Shouts of laughter here.
Bryn managed 3/4 of a huge lemon birhtday cake once. It was sitting on the dining table. All that was let was the last 1/4. Very neat and no crumbs anywhere!

me said...

That sneaky guy! Very funny!

Avus said...

I guess we must get trained to his ways as well as vice versa. He is certainly a highly intelligent character with a bit of "poacher" in him!

Bryn left a 1/4 of a cake? He must have been having an off day.

Nice of you to stop by - thanks for visiting. I popped over to your blog, but could find no way of leaving a comment (?)

Helen said...

Methinks this dog was a neurosurgeon in a past life.

Vita said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Tea first next time?

Anonymous said...

That will teach you to be confident that a dog won't touch your food. Mind you consider yourself lucky, Badger would have scoffed the crisps too!

The Crow said...

Wonderful, funny post. Many laughs in my home tonight.