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Thursday, December 03, 2009


Regular readers of my musings will remember this posting where I extolled the beautifully kept Rudge Superbe I purchased from John Head, who could no longer ride it because of age.
I have just learnt that John has died quite recently. The Rudge's wheels have turned full circle. Every time I take it out to meander around this Little Corner of the Earth John will be in my thoughts. The bicycle will be enjoyed as he is remembered.
I think that is how he would have liked it.
R.I.P. John


Nea said...

I am so sure that he would appreciated and loved the fact that you ride the bike and give him thought. I am so sorry to hear that he passed, of course I did not know him, but I remember when you got the bike from him and I suppose it is just my personality but my good feelings extends to friends of friends......:)

Glad to hear you are doing well, I have had a good week, I think Christmas time always lifts my spirits.....I love the holidays...so good to hear from you.

Nea said...

truthfully....calling it a bike doesn't quite give it justice does it.......I went and once again looked at the pictures what a fine piece of craftsmanship. it is my dream to someday, ride a bike along the country roads of your great country. Not so sure it will happen, but hey, we all have to dream.....

My daughter is going to University of Georgia in the fall, and she is going to try to go to Oxford on the students learning abroad program. If this does happen, just maybe I shall see England myself....(can't let her travel alone, can I, haha)

Barrett Bonden said...

The sense of obligation, of a requirement to meet his standards must be ever-present. I never thought of classic vehicles passing on to someone else, though obviously they do. I envisaged a modern-day equivalent of a Viking's funeral.

ArtPropelled said...

I'm sure John would agree that you were the best person to take over his bike.

Doohickie said...

Rest In Peace, John.